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Self Cooking - Features

  • Self cooking is allowed only for family guests.

  • If there are Electricity Board power issues and whenever Generator is switched on, this facility and service shall not be provided.

  • Food consumption will be limited only to the number of guests staying in that particular cottage.

  • Guests (own) working kitchen appliances and equipments are not permitted to be used in the cottage.

  • Basic kitchen appliances and equipments (all electrical), adequate utensils, cutleries (referred as kitchen kit) and required crockery ware will be provided by the resort for this purpose. A list of such items provided shall be given at the time of booking.

  • Rs.199/- per adult (including aged 12 and above) or Rs.999/- per cottage(whichever is low) will be the service charges to use the kitchen kit for a maximum of two hours (per meal time) for this service provided.

  • A mini Kiosk shall be placed to purchase provisions at the reception which will include Rice, flour, Atta, Noodles, Pastas, Oil, Grams, Condiments, Spices, Masala powders and a few instant cooking items, etc.,. There are also nearby shops where guests can purchase provisions or other items. Meat, vegetables and other perishable items can be ordered with our regular suppliers at the prevailing rate and if required it shall be collected and delivered by us at an extra charge.

  • For pure vegetarians, an exclusive kitchen kit (including various appliances, crockery and cutlery items) unused for non-veg preparation shall be provided based on demand and availability.

  • If needed, heating of pre prepared food (at a later time) shall be done by us at the central kitchen at a minimal cost.

  • After due inspection of the appliances and other items provided by us, the guests have to sign an undertaking and pay a refundable caution deposit towards upkeep of interiors, damage and loss of all the appliances and other kitchen utensils provided.

  • For bulk bookings, cooking shall be allowed in a specified area for all kinds of groups with specific terms and extra charges.

  • Above terms and conditions are subject to change.